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The Spirit of the Norwegian Forest Cat

Welcome to the Norspirit website.

We are a small hobby breeder of these, the most magnificent of cats, based in Cumbria, supporting and promoting the breed through the Norwegian Forest Cat Club and the Norsk Skogkatt Society.

Occasionally we have kittens that are available for adoption, to kind cat loving people that can provide good forever homes. For more and the latest information on kitten adoption, available kittens and our kitten plans please see the kitten page on this site.

This site is dedicated to the Norwegian Forest Cat, our family of Norwegian Forest Cats and of course the cats we breed and show.

Pan's Truls

Pans Truls ' The First Norwegian Forest Cat'

Pan's Truls is said to typify the NFC breed, in fact the 'Standard of Points' used to judge Norwegian's all over the world, was written round him.

The Norwegian Forest Cat or Skogkatt is a truly natural breed and, although the exact origins of the Forest Cat can never be fully established, it is certain the Vikings and early settlers to Scandinavia played a crucial role in the development of the early breed; the Vikings bringing cats back from their forays abroad and the early crusaders and merchants, trading and collecting cats from their distant travels.

What these early cats must have looked like we will never know, but they must have evolved rapidly, through natural selection in order to survive the harsh winter climate, into what we know today as the Norwegian Forest Cat.

NFC's are known to be very sociable cats.This is probably due to the fact that they have always been around humans since the very early days, living and working on the farms and homesteads of the early settlements in Norway and Scandinavia and on the ships of the Vikings.

Multiple references are found in Norwegian folklore and Viking mythology, adding to the mystery surrounding the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or simply to chat about these wonderful cats at [email protected]