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The Spirit of the Norwegian Forest Cat

Cat Run

Allowing Cats to ' Free Roam' is a provocative subject and one to which, in our minds there is no right or wrong answer. A lot depends on the environment that people live in. A safe environment should always be the priority at all times, roads, animals and humans can pose threats to cats. Certainly, where we live at present a safe enclosed run, with free access to the house is what we believe to be right choice for our cats.

Our cat run like any project grew and grew and is still growing. Luckily we are both fairly practical and good with our hands. So the cat run really is a labour of love, whether it will ever be finished is another matter!! It is really interesting that whenever we add a new shelf or feature, the cats really love it, having to re-explore and re-learn every shelf and every post from top to bottom and to show their appreciation, they are always ready to "help" by lending a paw or four.

In 2010 we also had the rest of our garden 'cat proofed' by Katzecure so that when we were out in the garden we could be helped by our cats without worrying too much about them escaping.

rolly-polly cat fence from katzecure

Every time we go to friends or other breeders, we are always on the look out for new ideas to build in their run, to make it even more interesting and exciting for them. With this in mind we decided to put this page together to hopefully share some of our ideas and maybe give other people inspiration.