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The Spirit of the Norwegian Forest Cat

Cat Shows

Perhaps the most important thing to say here is: Cat shows aren't everyone's cup of tea. Perhaps even more important: Cat showing isn't every cats cup of tea either.

You have the best cat in the world in terms of 'type' (looks) but it doesn't have the good purrsnality or lacks confidence then it's not going to show well, more importantly it's not going to enjoy being shown.

We strongly believe that the cats that we show, enjoy the experience and we don't show all of our cats for that reason.

There are three main 3 bodies or registrations for cat fanciers in the UK. The GCCF (Governing Council for Cat Fancy), which is the largest registration body in the UK and the oldest in the world. Felis Britannica (FB) which is part of the international association FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline). And TICA claimed to be the largest genetic registry of pedigree cats.

We mainly show under the GCCF, although we have shown a number of times under fb, we have also visited cat shows in other countries and look forward to exhibiting our cats abroad in the future.

The biggest cat show held in the UK is the 'Supreme' cat show, held each autumn at the NEC near Birmingham, the Supreme is the GCCF's 'jewel in the crown' show and attracts exhibiters and spectators alike from all round the UK


It's not about winning, it's about the taking part.....Well so they say!!! But the odd result sure is good!!!

To see our cats individual 'show brags' see their individual pages.

Some of our show highlights

Overall Best In Show NFCC 2010

Best Of Variety Gwnyd 2011