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The Spirit of the Norwegian Forest Cat

 Noynarock Tilly av Norspirit

Brown Classic Tabby with White NFO n 09 22

D.o.B. 24th July 2013



Tilly is the latest addition to the Whittle clan. Originally the next addition was going to be of our own breeding, but as they say 'the best laid plans' and all that, anyway with our own breeding being delayed, we just couldn't resist this darling little girl from Linda Grant.

Tilly has already made herself right at home with our lot, showing no fear and making friends with every one, especially Captain Scarlet who seems to have taken up the role of chaperone and makes sure that Tilly doesn't get up to too much mischief.

Tilly went to her first cat show just before Christmas in Bracknell near Reading, initially we were a little concerned as it is quite a journey on top of the fact it was to be her first show and her first trip in the motorhome. However, based on the fact see how well and how quickly she had settled in at home and also how fearless she had shown herself to be we decided that she well prepared for the expedition. We needent have worried, as Tilly really did take everything in her little stride, coming 1st in her class as well as being wowed by 'her' public as well as many of the judges and stewards.

Hopefully Tilly's taste of showing will continue and with luck we will look forward to some stunning results from this little star.          

Tilly's Pedigree


Grand Parents

Great Grand Parents

IGCH Noynarock Mika NFO e 09 22

IC Dunderkattens Severin NFO n 22

Brown Classic Tabby

GrCH Noynarock Forest Gump NFO ns 09

Cream Classic Tabby with white

Coomakista Athsbeag NFO f 09

Tortie with white

Black Smoke with white

GrCH Noynarock Greta NFO ns 09

Noynarock Otto NFO ns 22

Silver Classic Tabby

Black Smoke with white

Noynarock Thorborg NFO ns 09

Black Smoke with white

Noynarock Otto NFO ns 22

Eid av Isblomst NFO n 09 22

Brown Classic Tabby with white

Noynarock Inkeri NFO fs 22

Silver Classic Tabby

Nordlys Solveig NFO ns 09

Black Smoke with white

Silver Tortie Classic Tabby

Koolfur Jinjer Spice NFO d 09 22

Huldrekat Thorfinn Romeo NFO e 09 23

Cream Mackerel Tabby with white

Red Classic Tabby with white

Jarrakhat Danny' Doll NFO fs 09 23

Silver Tortie Mackerel Tabby with white

Tilly's Full Pedigree

Tilly's Show Brag.

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Favourite Pics